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Most consumer goods lose value over time.  A small fraction of products do not suffer this fate.  Preserved for generations for one reason or another, they become highly sought-after antique collectibles of great value.   Over the long term, some of these goods have  risen in value.  With the advent of the Internet, demand for antique collectibles has skyrocketed, causing the single largest (and quickest) run-up in prices that the collecting world has ever known.  Accordingly, today's serious collectors are faced with having to invest larger and larger sums of money to expand their collections.  And these bigger numbers mean that collections are assuming a greater percentage of a collector’s net worth.

This trend has given rise to the expectation among collectors that they will make money when they sell their collections.  Given a diligent, careful and strategic approach to collecting, this is often possible.   While it is vital to remember that the primary purpose of building a collection of antique collectibles is to have fun, the expectation that you can (adjusted for inflation) profit from your hobby is a reasonable one.  However, actually doing it is harder than it sounds.  This book draws on my experience as an antiquities dealer and collector, and also includes input from industry leaders in the field of coins, sports memorabilia, wine and other collecting genres.  The principles contained in the book can give collectors the best chance of maximizing returns on their collections.

(History's Jackpot by Craig Gottlieb)
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History's Jackpot: Investing in Antiques & Collectibles#3291

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