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A rare example of the special "Kriegs-Musterbetriebsfahne" (War Model Factory Flag) as authorized by a decree from Hitler in 1941. ?The flag was given as an award to a very small number of factories that were the most exemplary in the Reich. According to the Angolia and Littlejohn book "Labor Organizations of the Reich", in 1942, 300,000 factories competed for the War Honor Factory Flag, and only 19 were awarded it. ?The flag is in outstanding condition, and is of the highest quality as is befitting the level of this award. The body of the flag is red silk, with metallic gold lam? cogwheel with black border and black swastika on a white field. ?In the corner on each side is a metallic bullion and lam? hand worked representation of the War Merit Cross in silver. ?The thepocketwatchshop workmanship is superb. ?The flag is complete with its metallic fringe border as well as all of its suspension rings.?? The silk screened honor flags that were allowed to be purchased by factories awarded the War Model Factory Flag are uncommon, but the actual awarded flags are very seldom seen, let alone offered for sale. ?Impressive and rare.? This flag measures 46.5 x 52.5 inches, not including the fringe or the rings.? The fringe is about 2 inches long, and the rings have a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches, and tehy appear to ahve the RZM markings M1/83/42, with varying degrees of wear to the markings themselves on each ring.

DAF War Honor Factory Award Flag#3281

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