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With the United States printing more money and selling more debt to pay for government programs, inflation is just around the corner.  In a high-inflation scenario, the price of everything generally goes up. Your food and gas prices increase, but eventually, so do your wages.  Accordingly, I am looking for places to park my cash.  One of my ideas is to buy as many Walther P38s that I can find in superb condition.  My reasoning is simple: they are very collectible but do not carry the premium that Lugers bring.   In fact, they can be purchased for just a couple hundred dollars more than modern firearms.  So if the economy goes south and we find ourselves in a barter-economy, I'll have a collectible that I can sell or trade.  After all, a P38 with a box of 9mm ammunition provides just as much personal protection as a Glock (especially in California, where 10 round magazines are the legal limit).  And If things don't get that bad (and I hope they don't)?  I will still be holding an very attractive collectible whose price will increase as inflation lifts all prices and wages higher.

Some background on the P38.  This pistol was intended to replace the Luger P08, the production of which was scheduled to end in 1942.  The P38 concept was accepted by the German military in 1938 but production of prototypes did not start until late 1939.  After testing their product, Walther began production in mid-1940.  All production was performed at the Walther plant until late 1942 when additional production began at the Mauser plant in Oberndorf (manufacturer's code byf until early 1945, then svw), and at the Spreewerke factory in the Spandau district of Berlin (manufacturer's code cyq).  Production continued until the end of the war, and into the post war period at Mauserwerke, which assembled pistols from stocks of existing parts for the French Occupation authorities (marked svw45 & svw46).  The early Walthers, until late 1941, were made to almost commercial standards of fit and finish. As the pressures of war required increased production the exterior finish declined but the operating components of the P38 remained remarkably well-made throughout the war.

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The P38: A Hedge Against Inflation#3277

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