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Magnificent cased Iron Cross First and Second Class.  These sets were awarded for actions during the Battle of Britain by the Luftwaffe.   This set was awarded to Lt. (later Oblt.) Hans Kolbow of Jagdgeschwader 51.  Born in Hamburg (this set was purchased by Helmut Weitze from the family in Hamburg).  He was credited with 5 victories during the Battle of France, 8 more during the Battle of Britain, and an additional 14 on the eastern front, bringing him to a total of 27 at the time of his death.  The II. Class award is still housed in an oversized deluxe leatherette covered case with a Luftwaffe Eagle on the lid and push button closure.  The lid is lined with padded white silk while the base is covered with rich black velvet, and is recessed for the cross as well as the ribbon, much like a Knight's Cross case.  On the bottom is a small typed label with his name, rank, and unit.  The 2nd Class is a fine early example with some tarnishing to the frame but in near mint condition.  The First Class is likewise a quality early example in fine condition but showing age and light wear. There is a tiny bit of rust to the core beneath the frame on the top arm.  The case has a similar label on the bottom with "Oblt. Kolbow, J.G.51" typed.  Sets of this type are very rare.  I have seen single pieces, but have never seen a set before.

Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class with Presentation Cases
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Presentation Set to RK Winner#3243

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