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Fabulous hand signed Sanke photocard by the most famous and highest scoring flying ace of WWI, Manfred von Richthofen, the 'Red Baron'.  The card features a rather tranquil portrait of the Freiherr' with turned up collar, characteristic 'crushed' visor cap, and Pour le Merite.  The card is signed in black ink 'Frhr. von Richthofen, Rittmeister'.  The condition is excellent with light age signs only.  While Erich Hartmann was the highest scoring German ace (in WWII), von Richthofen, the 'Red Baron' is certainly the most famous, thanks in part to Charles Schulz and Snoopy!  A very scarce piece!
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Freiherr Manfried von Richthofen Signed Sanke Photograph Card#3223

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