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This model dagger appeared in the Puma catalog, and has been dubbed the Puma Naval Assault Dagger by collectors over the decades.  Wittmann traces the coining of the term to the 1950s.  While the specific purpose of this dagger is not known, the best guess is that it was a proprietary design that Puma sought to introduce sometime during the dagger production period.  According to Wittmann, the first examples were produced as early as July 1938, when it appeared in the trade magazine, Die Klinge.  In an undated catalog retained by Wittmann, the model is listed as Number 8, with a "patent pending on the design."  According to Wittmann, none were actually sold by Puma, but were produced as prototypes and samples, and there are 4 known.  With this model, being a prototype, there are many configurations seen.  Some have lightning bolt scabbards, others have hammered scabbards, and some have the "brain" pommel (so-called after the shape of the pommel), while others have the standard swastika pommel.  Although some appear with the EP&S logo, the Puma examples like this one are accepted due the period documentation to support their origin.  This example exhibits a lightning bolt scabbard, and the "rope bands" that were identical to those pictured in the Puma catalog.  This dagger exhibits a plain blade that is in near flawless condition.  Grip is uncracked, and the entire piece shows identical and uniform age to it.  Rarely seen on the market.
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Navy Assault Dagger, Puma#3215

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