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This photograph, which measures about 4x6, depicts Field Marshall Milch and Heinrich Himmler (and two other unknown officers).   The photograph, which is an original photograph, is mounted on period backing, and features a hand-executed 2 line dedication from Himmler, and also one from Milch.  The Himmler one loosely translates, "With all good wishes, Heil Hitler, July 1940."  The Milch dedication reads "Follow Hitler" followed by his signature.  The reverse of the photograph contains another dedication in Milch's handwriting.  A himmler signature on a piece of paper sells for about $750.  This is a far more historial piece with much more substance. Please note: the small dots in the scan are dust - they are not part of the artifact.
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Himmler-Milch Photo with Signed Dedication#3194

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