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For those of you who don't know, the Luftwaffe introduced a series of commemorative honor cufftitles to honor both fallen comrades and other notable fliers. This particular example honored Ernst Udet, who was the highest scoring German ace to survive WWI. As the German Luftwaffe grew its wings, Udet became Inspector of Fighters and Dive-bombers and as the organization expanded, held other important posts. As a Generaloberst, Udet was held partly responsible for the failures of the Luftwaffe. Depressed, he committed suicide. The public was told that he had died in a crash, and he was given full military honors at his funeral. Subsequent to this, Jagdeschwader 3 was given the honor title Jagdeschwader Udet. Of interest: Werner Molders died on his way to attend Udet's funeral, and is buried back-to-back with him in Berlin. You can visit their graves today.
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Jagdgeschwader Udet Cufftitle#306

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