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Scabbard retains 95% of the original factory protective lacquer over a straight shell with no dents.  Fittings show a nice patina, with a perfect lower scabbard ball and undamaged scabbard screws.  Clip is of the RZM vintage.  Grip is perfect, with an eagle that, while not perfectly inset, is original (Mike McAlvanah who is famous for his MCSARR scale, looked at it for me and verified this).  Obverse blade is in pristine condition, with some ultra-light scratching that only shows up in the right light.  Reverse of the dagger shows only the name Ernst Röhm ground, with a portion of the "E" in Ernst still visible.  This is a very high-grade piece that is sure to please the new owner.

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SA Dagger by Eickhorn, Name-Only Ground Röhm#3012

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