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While it is impossible to speculate on the purpose of this design, it was originally a full Rohm dagger.  Given that Pack is also known for the variant "Early A" type dagger, it seems logical to assume that this dagger may have been an early experiment that was never adopted for issue and wear by the SA.  Still, the piece did make it into circulation, as when the "grinding order" came down from Himmler after the Rohm purge, this dagger received corrective action to the reverse!  The dagger exhibits several other unique features separate from the obverse mott (which is effectively the first line in the German national anthem), including a very unique scabbard that is longer and shaped slightly differently than the scabbard that was eventually adopted for the production pieces.  I call this piece a prototype because there are no other examples currently known.  My best guess is that it was submitted to the SA Fuhrung for approval, changes were made, and then the sample was simpy not returned to Pack, but worn by someone as their "issue" dagger (not because they believed it was special, but because they could simply save the cost of buying their own dagger when the time came - one of the perks of command).  Anyway, this is just speculation.  How it survived in such great condition is a miracle of fate!

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SA Dagger, Prototype#2877

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