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This is a first model GM30 issued to the Reichswehr in 1936.  The mask is size 2 and is the standard model of the period, with various military proof markings.  The filter label describes what sort of gases and contaminants it will protect against, and notes that it has also been tested and approved for Luftschutz use (the Luftschutz gas mask of the period was identical but for the RL markings instead of military).  The canister includes extra lenses in the lid compartment, a paper instruction sheet with what to do for various types of gas sickness, the wrapper of a field bandage, and one long strap on the canister.  The canister is the matching first type with the extra attachment point in the center of the side and the 'bottle cap' style latch.  The piece is in mint condition except for 2 tiny rust patches on the upper sides of the filter.  Nice!

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1936 Gas Mask with Canister, Unused#2872

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