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What makes this ring special are two things.? First, it is one of the very few engravings where the "v." for the officer's title of "von" is noted.? You see them both ways, but this version is quite rare.? Second, the recipient of this ring makes the ring a special piece.? The officer was Karl von Salisch, a double-agent for the SD, who was involved in a covert operation known by historians as The Venlo Affair.? He ended the war as a police president in 1944.? While many rings belonged to "SD Officers" this could have meant anything - staff, adminstration, you name it.? But this guy was a double agent, pure secret service.? And thanks to the research of a customer, I have just learned that he was stripped of his rank in 1945, and executed.?

It should be noted that although the ring is original, and exhibits all exterior details that mark this ring as an original specimen, the interior engraving is not typical of the various engraving styles noted on the interior of other rings I have observed.? The key feature that differs is the shape of the "mm" in Himmler.? There are many possible explanations for this, including the possibility that the ring was resized, or possibly a very early specimen produced just after Gahr transitioned to the new 1940s style.? Whatever the explanation, the ring is 100% unaltered post 1945.? Still,?due to this aspect of the piece, I have set the price accordingly. ?Please note this fun fact: this ring comes with an audio recording of a message Don Boyle left on my voice-mail concerning this ring. ?He claims it's a fake that he's "seen 4 or 5 of" and that it was made in the late 1940s. ?This, despite the fact that it was analyzed using Xray Fluorescence for metallurgical content, and found to be an match for the other original rings (all with Boyle Certificates) that were submitted for the test. ?For more information on this fascinating test, click here.

Totenkopf Ring, von Salisch#2849

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