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As is usually (but not always) the case with rings that are replacements for worn-out rings that had been turned in for this purpose, Gahr issued the new replacement ring with the original award date.  This particular ring was presented to Rudolf Gerstenberger, who was an Obersturmbannführer in 1934.  He continued service in the Waffen SS, and is recorded as ending the war in 1945 as the commander of 2nd Battalion, Artillery Regiment 13.  Plenty of research possibilities here, with 100% certain results.  In fact, researcher Mike Constandy has provided pictures of Gerstenberger, which are included here (thank you, Mike). The ring is in nearly perfect condition, with only slight wear to the six o'clock position.  The engraving is very deep and crisp on the interior, and the seam is slightly visible.  Includes the digital records of this officer, that are over 100 pages in length!
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Totenkopf Ring, Rare 1934 Reissue, Gerstenberger#2832

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