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History in Pictures, by K.A. Meyer. This is a folio of drawings by Meyer including portraits, posters, early NSDAP political cartoons, and action scenes from WWI through 1935 or so.

Fascinating folio of drawings by Meyer.  The outer folder is covered in SA brown, with a great image of flag bearers on the front. Contained inside are the drawings, covering WWI soldiers, combat scenes, then the Weimar period is represented through anti republic pro NSDAP cartoons.  Numerous portraits, military and political, are here, of Lutze, Goebbels, Goering, etc.  The set is not complete, but contains 50 sheets (originally it had 125 according to the listing) however what's here includes the best and most interesting subjects.  The artworks are printed on a thick, heavier paper and are very suitable for framing. In this case they were used by a school, as noted by the property stamping.  They would have been used to teach history and current events!  The paper shows some age foxing and yellowing, but it's very minor. I doubt that there are many of these that survived the end of the war, and because of the anti-semitic and pro NSDAP subjects, it would not have been very popular post 1945.  Super artwork ensemble!

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Geschichte in Bildern, Large Format Folio of Third Reich History in Drawings#2814

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