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This is a scarce automobile pennant from the early days of the Stahlhelm Organization.  By 1934, the Stahlhelm organization was absorbed into the SA, and had changed their insignia to a steel helmet superimposed over a swastika.  This piece likely dates from the 1920s or beginning of the 1930s. The pennant is silk screened on flax linen, which was produced from the flax plant by weavers in Seidorf (Sosnowka) in Poland.  This flag is 2 sided and slightly padded/stiffened internally.  It retains its original attachment rings.  The piece shows age and wear and tear, but it's in fine condition for a pennant that would have been used outside.  It also  appears to have had some pins applied to it--possibly by the original Stahlhelm member, as it was popular to add day badges as souvenirs, or by the veteran who brought it back.  The only example I've seen from the early days of the organization.
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Early Stahlhelm Organization Auto Pennant#2808

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