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The cap is made of the durable field grey Italian or Italian like fabric in the classic Bergmütze style, with a higher peak and short brim.  The upper seam of the cap is piped with a woven white cording, normally used only by the SS (and the Hermann Göring units).  The piping is not bright white, but shows wear and normal soiling. The lining is imitation silk/rayon with no discernable markings, which is not surprising, as it shows much use.  There are a number of repaired tears to the lining, apparently done in the field.  The buttons are blackened wood or composition, and are not exactly matching. The visor is cracked in the middle, which allows the cap to be folded and put in the pocket.  There is no insignia, and while there is a very slightly darker area in the front where an eagle might have been, there is no sign of any insignia ever having been on the side flap. The Bergmütze has been in a private collection for around 30 years, and in hand, is a 'one looker'!  If you're looking for a salty combat cap to accompany a worn field uniform, this may be the one!  Not mint, but it is a mountain cap that talks to you.
Rare pattern!
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Waffen SS Officer Bergmuetze#2805

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