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The piece shatters the belief that the so-called "Birdshead SA" dagger was unique to the SA.  Quite the contrary, this dagger reveals that although the few surviving examples of this pattern dagger were presented to members of the SA, the pattern was used for other presentation designs.  The details of this piece are extraordinary.  Hand-crafted from beautiful damascus, the dagger reveals a presentation on both sides of the blade.  The hilt fittings are identical to those found in Eickhorn factory photographs. The grip is genuine ivory, and the piece has survived the decades intact.  The dagger blade and sheath, which is slightly smaller (and the scabbard was never made with fittings) indicate that this piece was likely not meant for wear, but for presentation.  Scabbard is blue leather, which matches the color of the uniforms worn by the NSBO. I had the chance to personally interview the veteran who returned with the piece - a rare chance to speak with a veteran who contributed such an exotic piece to collecting.

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DAF NSBO Presentation Dagger #2721

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