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The hilt of this bayonet is the standard police style with the Weimar clamshell. What separates the standard clamshell pieces from the FJK piece is the six-sided Prussian Police insignia mounted on the grip. The pointed wing eagle features a very small swastika on his chest and holds a sword and lightning bolts in his talons. This example features matching numbers (L.B.1.24 which represented the Berlin Police Air Surveillance unit 1 or the Landespolizei Berlin, issued either prior to or after its issue to the FJK), and is in fabulous condition. Hilt fittings are sold nickel, and are crisp and nicely patina'd. Slotted bayonet fitting is the functional type. Scabbard body is leather, and grades about 95%, with only light scuffing and age keeping it from being perfect. Blade shows very light age, but is in overall superb condition. Although a short model exists and was allegedly worn by officers (this makes sense), the photo attached shows that officers in the FJK, at least in photos, wore the standard length example like this one, but with a portepee. Overall, a superb bayonet from early SA History that belonged to an elite inner-SA organization with virtually unlimited police authority within the SA. Rare chance to own a truly original and untouched example. This piece was purchased directly from Ron Weinand, author of the book on Police clamshell bayonets and comes with a certificate of authenticity from him.
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SA Feldjaegerkorps Bayonet#267

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