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These are virtually impossible to find! The bandolier would have been used to carry an SS 'Deutschland Erwache' Standard as well as the SS Sturmfahnen. The bandolier is constructed of the finest leather with a black wool and bullion Tresse overlay. The pole cup is securely and robustly made of thick leather with a glossy black finish. The reverse is RZM SS marked and dated 1937, so it's one of the earliest examples you'll find (if you could find any!). There are 2 inked out markings that appear to be regimental SS markings and not postwar museum stamps, but as they're inked out, it's difficult to make out the marks. Political leader bandoliers are around, and occasionally an Army example is found, but the SS, due to its small size and thus small number of Standarten and Fahnen, are mega rare. A fabulous piece that will display well on a mannequin or with an SS flag or Standard! Minty and exceptional!
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Fahnentraeger Bandolier, Allgemeine SS#2639

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