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Officer's quality all the way, this is an impressive police green dress tunic with the uncommon wine red piping. This was worn by members of the Gemeinde Polizei, or GEMPO.

The GemPo were the police in smaller cities or larger towns. Their uniform was piped in wine red, making a striking contrast with the green.
Please note that the piping, underlays, and eagle's colors in the photos look different than in real life. In person they are definitely wine red! This tunic is tailor made in officer quality trikot and was worn by a Hauptwachmeister. The tunic features excellent quality rich dark green wool collar and cuffs, wine red embroidered sleeve eagle (produced without town name per regulations), aluminum bevo woven flatwire tabs (a bit of fraying on the upper edge as you can see in the photographs), and high collar. There is a 3 ribbon bar and loops for 1 badge on the pocket. The condition is fabulous,with only a bit light wear and age. These police tunics are truly impressive and this one features a very scarce color of piping as well.   Choice and lovely!   

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Police Uniform, Wine Red Piping#2584

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