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One of the rarer Heinrich Hoffmann photo books, this is the first to feature the SA and SS exclusively. Every page has high quality photograph of the SA and SS from their beginnings through 1932. The binding is strong, and the paper and photos are in exceptional condition, however, the full page photograph of Ernst Röhm has been neatly removed (undoubtedly shortly after the 'Night of the Long Knives' 30. June-1. July 1934. Images of Röhm were forbidden to be published after the purge of the SA leadership, and obviously the original owner complied!). There are several smaller photographs featuring Ernst Röhm so the owner was not as diligent as he could have been. Also, while not apparent, the paper dust jacket wrap is a high quality color reproduction of the original. The feel and appearance is correct, but I'm sure it's a copy. The book is otherwise in excellent condition, and is one of the earliest I've seen. It's absolutely essential for early SA images, and the photographs are sharp enough, in typical Hoffmann style, that you can clearly make out the insignia, decorations, and so on that the SA and SS men are wearing. Fantastic reference that I've priced accordingly low!
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Das braune Heer, Early SA Photograph Book#2572

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