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First of all, the grips are retained by rivets that have not been altered.  Second, the grip emblem is perfectly inset with no signs of forcing, unprofessional gouging of the grips, etc.  Third, I only trust Eickhorn examples of this bayonet type.  I am sure other bayonets were manufactured, but the only real ones I have taken seriously are those by this most prestigious manufacturer.  They made everything!  The condition of this piece is phenomenal.  Other than some minor wear to the paint on the scabbard, the bayonet is in wonderful condition.  Plated blade is nearly perfect.  Brown leather frog is superb (I'm not sure if this frog was married to the piece after the war, or during it - it's not possible to tell.  If I still have this piece the next time I make it to the dentist's office, I'll have the grip x-rayed.  If you consider that Hitler Youth knives are topping $1000 on today's market, here's a chance to pick something up that is multiples rarer, at hardly any additional cost.

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Bayonet, Hitler Youth by Eickhorn#2549

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