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This very rare small version Schlageter Badge was just picked up in Stuttgart, and features the original packet for the piece.

I have a small collection of these badges, and for ever 20 of the larger size you see, you might see one smaller version. I don't know why these are different, but they are the 2nd rarest of the three shapes encountered.

The badge is in mint condition with its original factory applied antique silver finish. The badge has the combat bar for the communist/socialist 'Spartakus' revolt, and the original paper packet is designated 'Spartakus'. The reverse includes its original pin and pinplate, maker's name Paul Küst, and Ges. Gesch. The packet shows some handling and age but is intact. These badges were only worn for a couple of years and were eliminated from wear after the absorbtion of the Stahlhelm into the SARII in 1935. A tough to fine round model!

Schlageter Badge, Rare Round Model#2533

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