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Spectacular tunic for a Waffen SS Oberführer. This tailor made beauty is an M36 style and retains its Vienna tailor label. The tunic body is made of an excellent quality field grey combat wool, and is done in officer's style with deep turnback cuffs and flat sewn lower pleated pockets. The collar is made of a velvety bottle green fine wool. The tunic is fully lined with silky grey rayon and has an interior pocket over which is the tailor's label. The collar tabs are the pre1942 pattern, perfectly hand embroidered of bullion with the correct twist piping. The removable shoulderboards are done with subdued combat cording, with white Waffenfarbe and black wool underlay and tongues. The eagle is a beautiful flatwire Bevo example. There are loops for a medal bar, and badge loops as well. A 1939 Iron Cross II. Class ribbon is correctly sewn into the buttonhole. SS higher leaders' tunics in the service type of trikot wool are tough to find, but a combat custom tunic is even rarer, and to find one in immaculate condition is nearly impossible. I have used this tunic in my advertisements for years, and it has been in my collection for years also.  It'll be hard to let go.
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SS Field Tunic Oberfuhrer#2528

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