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I've never seen this poster before!  The colors of the lithograph are bright and show no fading, and it covers everything an SA or SS member would wear or carry.  The Stabschef of the SA collar tabs are the pattern worn only by Ernst Röhm, so it would have been printed in 1933 or 1934 prior to the SA purge (Night of the Long Knives).  Each SA group's collar tab colors are presented, as well as the brownshirt uniform, tunic, boots, shoes, formal dress trousers, SS uniform and accoutrements, insignia, command flags, Deutschland Erwache standard, Sturmfahne, early medical and administration insignia, technical Lehrsturm insignia, and so on.  For SA or SS insignia and accoutrements of the early period, it's better than any post war published book on the subject! Published in accordance with the SA High Command, it was printed by the Verlag 'Offene Wort', which also published military books and insignia guides.The poster is in excellent condition, measures 28 inches by 19.5 inches, and has been museum mounted on archival linen and treated to eliminate any acid in the paper, so it will outlast any of us! Very rare and it would look magnificent framed and mounted.  Choice and lovely!
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Rare Original Color Poster, Uniforms of the SA and SS#2526

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