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A large and fascinating Luftwaffe grouping, dating from the mid 1930s to the end of the war and after! There is too much to list, but some of the hightlights are Joos' Soldbuch, wartime and post war photos, his ribbon bars, long service award and document, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords and document, Sudetenland medal with document, elaborate Schützenschnur II. Class (marksmanship lanyard) document with HE 51's diving, a wonderful photo album consisting of around 130 photographs featuring flags, ceremonies, field training, formal portraits, formations, parades, and so on. There are some photos showing him wearing an oversized Iron Cross around his neck for some sort of recognition! Loos' Luftwaffe1st pattern dagger is a lovely early Eickhorn showing use and light wear. He received both the black and silver wound badges, and both are here along with the award documents--the black badge comes with its original factory packet! Hermann Loos survived the war, and there are some postwar photos and documents, along with his DSB (Deutscher Sport Bund) badges in cloth and metal. And more! A good sized lot for a decorated member of the Luftwaffe!

Group to Luftwaffe NCO, Direct Family Purchase#2502

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