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Blade is damascus and features the early Eickhorn trademark which is usually found on the maidenhair damascus of this type.  Blade was covered in grime when it came out, and beneath it was a wonderful pattern, extremely well preserved with no pitting or rust.  Approximately 15% of the gold remains to the lettering.  Grip is a beautiful multi-colored wood, and is virtually perfect, and it features the 800 silver eagle that all early honor pieces should feature.  External fittings are extremely fine, and chain retains a majority of the black burnishing to the base areas, which causes the heavily lacqueured high points to feature prominently.  The fittings are in fact some of the better fittings I have seen.  The only drawback this piece is that when it came out, all of the leather had been removed by the veteran.  I have had the correct grain leather installed by Tom Wittmann, and it really looks superb.  If the new owner wished it, the lettering could be re-gilted and the result would be nothing less than beautiful.  In summary, if you wish to own one of the rarer daggers, and you don't want to pay for original leather and gilting (that you may always have questions about, since many that are advertised as featuring original treatments are in fact restored), this is the piece for you.  It's priced at least $15,000 below one that is advertised as having original leather and gilting.  So you can buy this one worry free!

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SA High Leader#2495

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