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GWL badges exhibit the strongest frosted finishes of any III. Reich manufacturer of high quality early Luftwaffe awards. This beauty is no exception, and it's a minty one! The badge is a textbook GWL, with correct eagle and wreath, both presenting exquisite detail work and craftsmanship. The pin, catch, and hook are exactly as they should be, as are the dimpled rivets. The GWL marking has the earmarks that you want to see, and has a slight break in the outer circle of the mark, as it should. The finish is stellar--in fact, you almost need sunglasses to view it when the sun hits the fire gilding. The case is covered with dark blue fabric with "Luftwaffe Flugzeugf├╝hrer und Beobachter Abzeichen" in gold on the outer lid. The interior is lined with medium blue silk and a dark blue flocked base. The case shows some wear and handling use, but it has protected the badge well. You will never need to upgrade this fabulous award! Choice, and just beautiful!
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Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Badge by GWL With Presentation Case#2491

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