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Goblet is Alpaca, and was presented to a Luftwaffe pilot Gunter Frenzel.  The story of how he won his Knights Cross is worthy of a full-length Hollywood movie.  Badges presented in the photo for display purposes only - they did not belong to Frenzel (although he rated these awards).

Just picked up at a local antique show.  A beautiful mint condition Honor Goblet to Gunter Frenzel.  As an Unterofficer, he won the Ehrenpokal.  Six months later, 2 days before Christmas, he was awarded the Knights Cross.

The goblet is an early Alpaka silver version, and retains a beautiful even patina. There is virtually no wear to the goblet. Frenzel won his Knights Cross as a Feldwebel as a member of 11./Kampf-Geschwader z.b. V. 1.  Frenzel is famous for leading Operation XYZ, in 1941.  While flying his JU-52 transport plane in Libya, he touched down for refueling.  Frenzel was given an RAF uniform and introduced to his crew, which consisted of similarly dressed Luftwaffe personnel who had been trained to speak perfect english.  He was to replace one pilot trained for the mission, who had taken ill.  His mission: fly to the Belgian Congo, land at a new Allied supply base for refueling, take off, and then bomb the very based they had tricked into giving them fuel.  The plan worked, and all three Wellingtons made it back to safety. 

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Honor Goblet to Knights Cross Winner#2478

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