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The pennant is made of a cotton/rayon and has a smooth, silky feel to it. The fabric is a field grey color with ribbed artificial silk edging and bunting. The eagle is very well machine embroidered in white with black highlights. These vary in quality from pennant to pennant, and as you can see, this one is extremely well done! The original cording is sewn into the bunting edge, and ties and wraps into spring eyelets on the pole. The pole is nickeled and has a ball top, which is threaded and removeable--so the pole could have been sold by the manufacturer for use with an SS, SA, political eagle, RAD insignia top, or other types. The ensemble shows light age and use but no damage or holes. The flags are not very common, but the flag staffs are extremely difficult to find! Perfect for your Mercedes Benz or KdF Wagen!
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Army Officer Automobile Pennant with Pole#2465

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