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The ring was purchased by me over 3 years ago from a GDC member who had found the ring, complete with a diamond inset where the skull used to be!  However, because the ring is a ultra rare "Christmas 1933" ring and because it was owned by Oberstgruppenfuhrer and Nazi Party Treasurer Xavier Schwarz, I had to have it.  So I purchased the ring, and spent the better part of a year finding someone to make me a replacement skull.  Once I did that, I had to find someone who could fill the hole and attach the skull without ruining the ring.  I think you will agree that the product is quite amazing.  There are less than 3 1933 Totenkopf Rings that I know of, and this is the most famous. This ring is featured in my book, "The SS Totenkopf Ring," also available on this site.

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Totenkopf Ring, Xavier Schwarz 1933#2384

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