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The Reichsnährstand, or National Food Estate, was formed in 1933 under Walter Darré and served to oversee producers, growers, distributors, and sellers of foodstuffs during the III. Reich. The 'Blut und Bogen' or Blood and Soil movement was also part of the organization.  This is a flag pole top for the organization, and it's an impressive piece!  The design is of the swastika superimposed with an ancient Germanic tribes sword and a wheat sheaf. The swastika is heavily nickeled while the sword and wheat sheaf are done in an antiqued fire gilt.  This example is maker marked under the edge of the lower swastika arm, and comes complete with its pole cup and its original attachment screw and wing bolt, which are generally missing.  The design is superb, in the combination of ancient Germanic style mixed with the dynamic deco style of the 30s.  The finish shows light age but overall the piece is in exceptional condition, and is a higher quality and earlier piece than usually seen.  It would look magnificent as a desk or mantel decoration if mounted on a base!  Choice example of a scarce organizational flag pole top!
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Reichsnaehrstand Flag Pole Top#2371

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