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Ring exhibits almost no wear, and absolutely no one point that is worn.  Patina is stunning.  Recesses retain 100% of the exterior burninsing.  Date inside the ring is 21.12.40, and is therefore the  earliest year for the 1940 style rings.  Document is a "Type II" document and is crisp.  It shows some fold lines, and is slightly trimmed, but is otherwise intact with an original Himmler signature.  This set was acquired by Don Boyle from one single veteran in the 1980s.  The ring itself is a re-issue ring, as Schmidt was awarded his initial ring in 1934.  His career is quite interesting.  He carries a very low SS number - one of the first 5000 members of the SS, having joined the SS before it became "popular" to do so after Hitler's ascendancy to the Chancellorship.  Sets of TK rings and award documents are VERY rare, and this one is doubly so, since it's a re-issue ring.  Comes complete with the research file on Schmidt.  I don't have a Don Boyle certificate, but since both pieces are in his book, it seems redundant to have one!  Still, if you want one, it's possible to get of course.

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Totenkopf Ring and Award Document, Double Pictured#2357

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