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A truly unique piece of history!  This is an ID document for a man assigned to the Wachbatallion z.b.V. of the Aufenthaltslager (guard Battalion for special duties of the detention camp) of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  It's an amazing ID to hold!  The photograph is still intact, so you can put a face to the name. Interestingly, the man appears to be wearing the double armed swastika collar tab, which is fairly difficult to find in period photographs. He's wearing a later pattern Waffen SS tunic and wears the ribbon of the KVK  II in his buttonhole.  The ID notes that the bearer has permission to carry a weapon, and that all authorities are ordered to provide him assistance if requested.  The card is signed by Josef Kramer, Camp Commander and Sturmhauptf├╝hrer.  The reverse features instructions stating that in case of accident/incapacitation, the reader is instructed to call the camp, for which the telephone number is included. 
A fabulously sinister ID for a guard at one of the most notorious Concentration Camps.  A rare and choice piece of dark history.
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Concentration Camp Ausweis#2241

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