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Allgemeine SS NCO visor caps are fairly common, relatively speaking, but the Waffen SS caps are few and far between. This is, without a doubt, one of the finest! The cap is tailored of a super quality field grey trikot with white wool piping. It's got a tight saddle shaped top, excellent properly configured black wool band, and still glossy visor. The chinstrap is the correct type, as are the side buttons. The skull and eagle are silver finished and still exhibit the majority of the original factory finish, with only a bit of age tarnish. The eagle appears to be a Zimmermann, while the skull looks like a Deschler. The interior of the cap is the standard orangey brown polished cotton and the celluloid sweatshield is intact and undamaged. The sweatband is amazing--it's the artificial leather type, which is usually found with tears and deterioration. This band has 2 areas that have turned up (as you can see in the photos) but otherwise it's still shiny and undamaged, leading me to believe that the size 59 cap was never, or virtually never, worn. There is no staining, tearing, or smudging to the inner lining, and the cap is as minty inside as outside. I haven't tried turning up the sweatband as it's pretty stiff with age, and I don't want to risk damaging it, but it's showing no wear or use at all. If you're looking for the best NCO rank Waffen SS cap, this one is for you. It's a treasure that will never need to be upgraded! Choice, rare, and minty!!
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SS Visor for Waffen SS NCO#2225

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