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This is a fabulous and rare SS typewriter manufactured by G.F. Grosser Fabrik für Büromaschine Markersdorf/Chemnitztal, under the trademarked name Groma. Groma machines are some of the best of the period, and were solidly built, expensive, and beautifully finished. The typewriter body is made of bakelite and metal, and exhibits the dynamic flowing design of the 1930s. It is a dark burgundy color, which is very rare to find. The SS key is the upper case over the '3' key, so this would have been used in a military or political office, as a standard business or home machine would not have the runic key. The typewriter is in perfect working order, and was indirectly purchased 'out of the woodwork' from an elderly veteran's widow who was still using it to type letters on! In fact, it looks brand new, and has perfect factory markings and no cracks or damages. The case is original to the typewriter, and is wood with a burgundy fabric. The seams of the fabric are somewhat frayed and could easily be reglued down, but I've left everything as found. These typewriters are rare to find, because nearly all were either reworked after the war with the nefarious 'SS' key removed and replaced with a normal civilian '3' key, or simply destroyed. This one survived due to its liberation by a GI. A wonderful display item with fabulous style that you can still type your letters (or orders!) on! Choice and rare!

SS Typewriter, Groma#2107

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