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A nicely detailed Gau München Erinnerungsabzeichen. The badge is struck of bronze or tombak, and bears the same motto as the later Blood Order. The Gau München award is still somewhat of a mystery, although it's thought to be a possible Gau level award commemorating the 9. November 1923 attempted Putsch. It wasn't replaced by the Blood Order though, as photographs from the mid 1930s still show it being worn. The badge is die struck and features a swastika with 1933 in the center, a border wreath of detailed oak leaves, and a ribbon with the motto 'Und Ihr habt doch gesiegt', meaning 'And yet you have conquered'. The motto was subsequently used on the Blood Order, and was always used in connection with the 1923 Putsch. The piece has not been cleaned or polished, and still bears evidence of its age. The pin has been reattached during the period, as the pins on these early awards were notoriously undersized and broke frequently. An underappreciated and still undervalued early award!  I have several of these, and the price is for one each.

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Gau Munich Commemorative Badge of the 9. November 1923#2083

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