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The Political Leaders' headgear changed a number of times during the 1930s. This is a fine example of the vintage 1935-36 cap for an Orts level (local level) Political Leader. The cap top is saddle shaped, and is made of a lighter weight political gaberdine than commonly found. The cap band is a light brown rich velvet, and the cap is piped with the early wool piping in light blue. The visor is genuine leather, finished in a medium 'Havana brown' color. The eagle is of early quality, with finer and more refined features than those found on later caps. The high quality silver plating (not paint!) has toned to a rich sterling color. The band features the early political cockade, and the chincords are the thinner earlier type. They've also tarnished somewhat, as they're constructed from actual plated metal wire bullion. The cap interior shows light wear, and features a celluloid sweatshield with 'Deutsche Wertarbeit' (German Quality work). The lining is silk or artificial silk, much finer than usually found. The sweatband is leather, found only on the highest quality caps. The finish to the visor has cracking and some edge chipping, which is common to the leather visored style caps, and there is a small amount of piping loss to the lower rear of the cap--it may be insect damage, but the rest of the cap is free from damage. The cap shows light wear only, so may have been used only on special occasions during the warmer summer months. The 1935-36 visor cap is much more difficult to find than the post 1939 model, and this one is a super example, obviously purchased originally by an Orts Leader who was well to do!
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Early Orts Level Political Leader Visor Cap#2048

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