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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

A superb example of the custom capmaker's craft. The exterior of the cap is absolutely perfect, with no mothing, no nips, no other damage or issues. The field grey wool top is taiored of a medium weight doeskin wool, with an equally fine dark bottle green wool band. The eagle and wreath are also perfect with great detailing. The cap is silk/rayon lined with celluloid shield and maker's or distributor's mark 'G. Wostrack und Sohn' of Koblenz. Interestingly, the company was on Schloßstraße, which was a very high class shopping area and promenade. The only liability to the cap is the tear to the sweatband, and some thread loss to the visor corner, due, it appears, to the cap having rested on its visor for a long period of time. Luckily, the exterior of the cap is not affected so the cap displays beautifully. A superior example, very hard to find color.
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Army Officer Visor for Pioneer, Engineer Branch#2012

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