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The best NCO/enlisted Army Pionier visor cap that you will find! This is the best private purchase quality NCO visor cap in virtually brand new condition. It is constructed of ultra quality wool trikot with felted wool band. The visor is vulkanfiber and is perfect, still presenting the original high gloss polished finish and criss/cross underside. The eagle, wreath, and cockade are in 'just off the shelf' condition and quality with no wear at all. The sweatband is undamaged and has only a tiny bit of rubbing to the high points of the leather finish at the forehead area (however, shoe polish of the proper color on a Q-tip would take care of that if desired!). The sweatshield is undamaged and the size is printed on the polished cotton lining beneath it. The patent leather chinstrap is the best I've seen, with all of the original glossy black finish and no wear, melting, cracking, or other liabilities. This visor cap must have either been stored perfectly or recently brought back via time machine. It's simply the best, and would display magnificently by itself or coupled with a mint Pionier Waffenrock. Un-upgradable!
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Army NCO Visor for Pioneer Branch#2011

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