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It seems like when you're looking for an Army officer's brocade belt and buckle, you can't find a decent one. This is a high quality set that shows light use but is still in great condition. The buckle features a very nicely detailed eagle and superb oakleaves, and is maker marked 'A' for Assmann on the catch. Most of these were not marked, so it's a plus to find one that is! The brocade is still bright, the backing is of a medium green rich velvet, and both brocade belt slides are still present, which is another plus. The belt may have been shortened at one time (see the photo of the stitches) but if so, it appears to be a period alteration. The box is the standard snare drum shaped pasteboard with leatherette outer covering. Other than some very light handling wear and age, it's also in very fine condition. Great for display in the box or on a mannequin and bargain priced!
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Army Brocade Belt and Buckle with Round Box#1981

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