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For every unit-marked etched bayonet, you may see 50 or more standard rememberance etches, so this baby is not nearly as common as the single etch pieces you usually find on the market. This particular example is identical to the one pictured in the book (page 149-50) but has the added bonus of having the unit "Infantry Regiment 11" etched onto the third line of the etch. The etch itself shows 100% background frosting, a bright blade with only slightly disturbed surfaces (very light scratches) but all plating intact. Hilt exhibits the correct spanner nut and bolt assembly, with perfect grip plates, and a hilt that shows only minor age. Scabbard is phenomenal - showing 95% black paint, which is so fine, it looks like lacquer covered anodizing (as one would find on an SS Dagger). Black frog is in beautiful shape, and bayonet troddel appears original to the frog. I just purchased this directly out of the woodwork through one of my ads, so it's "as found" and has never seen the inside of a collection. Be the first to own it.
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Etched Army Bayonet, Infantry Regiment 11#1972

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