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Original SS headgear has always been hard to find, and this is an exceptional example of an original field cap (or 'overseas' cap as the GIs called it). The cap is the Luftwaffe style boat cap, with early war quality. The insignias are bevo woven and padded, which was exclusively characteristic of SS headgear. The eagle is somewhat greyer than the skull, but both show about the same amount of wear and are 'seated' into the cap fabric, so have been there forever. They are very nicely hand sewn properly. The lining of the cap is a polished cotton, or possibly cotton with some rayon. I can't see any markings inside, but the cap does show some wear and age so if there were markings, they may have faded. The cap would be a perfect accompaniment to an early war Waffen SS combat tunic, and I would say you will never have to upgrade it! Choice and rare to find!
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Waffen SS Field Cap for Enlisted and NCO#1966

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