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Note: This item has been sold, is in a private collection, and is NOT for sale.  It is listed in the gallery as an example. 

This is the latest and greatest SS Birthday degen to surface in the past few years. This sword was presented to SS Obergruppenführer Udo von Woyrsch by Himmler in 1939. This is only the 2nd example I have owned.  Featuring an extremely bold damascus pattern, 100% gold color to the raised lettering, and 800 silver fittings, swords of this caliber are in a league of their own. The sword is also unique in that von Woyrsch was a Waffen SS General, not an honorary appointee in the Allgemeine SS (as so many recipients of rare sword this sword seem to be). Woyrsch commanded SS Einsatzgruppen in Poland, and directed the large-scale massacres of Polish political leaders, priests, intellectuals, Jews, prisoners of war, and others whose names had been entered on specially prepared death lists compiled by Reinhard Heydrich's Security Police and SID during the spring and summer of 1939. Woyrsch was so brutal that he was kicked out of Poland on German army orders. Protesting, he insisted that he was tasked directly by the Fuhrer and Himmler with spreading “fear and terror” in what would seem an illogical attempt to dissuade the Poles from committing acts of violence. In surviving orders from Himmler, Woyrsch was indeed tasked with “radical suppression of the incipient Polish insurrection in the newly occupied parts of Upper Silesia.”

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SS Birthday Degen, Himmler-Presented#1963

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