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A rare opportunity to add a formal Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross document to your collection! The award is dated 5. July 1941, and was presented to Luftwaffe Leutnant Heinrich Hunger. Hunger was a bomber pilot, flying the Dornier 17Z (2 engine bomber) with the Staff Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 2 "Holzhammer" and was active in the French, Polish, and Russian Campaigns. Unfortunately for Hunger, he was shot down and killed little over a month later on 14. August 1941 near Nowgorod, Russia, so did not have much time to wear his RK. The document is a textbook piece, hand lettered on genuine vellum, with the correct raised gold lettering of the name. I can't tell if the Hitler signature is an actual hand signed example or whether it's the mechanical version--both are proper for the Knight's Cross document, and which was used depended on Hitler's schedule and location. The document was removed from its leather folder and folded in half when it was brought back, however the folded left hand portion is complete and untrimmed. Since the document is vellum rather than paper, I believe a professional document conservator should be able to remove the fold. Without the formal leather folder it displays magnificently and is easier to have framed. A truly rare and desirable piece that would be fantastic to display with a nice, early Knight's Cross, and an opportunity to add an important award document at a very reasonable price! Choice!
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Knight's Cross Formal Document#1946

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