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At the close of WWII, the Czechoslovakia State Film (Statni Film) company claimed thousands upon thousands of original uniforms, hats, flags, equipment, insignia, vehicles, medals, decorations, and other items for use in its anticipated anti-Nazi post-war propaganda movies. Many of the surviving items were brought out of Czechoslovakia in the last 20 years and were promptly absorbed into the collectors' market. Some were mothed, some damaged, some stripped, some were not. From time to time, one of these uniforms surfaces for sale and this is one such uniform. A 100% original uniform in every respect, I purchased this through a European contact recently. The tunic is a beautiful high quality early wool, and features a modified dark bottle green colored collar, commonly used by NCOs and Officers on the field tunic. All of the insignia (except the shoulderboards) appear to be 100% original to this tunic, which is not common. Please note: this uniform came without shoulderboards, and I added them. They are original SS Panzer boards, though, so rest assured they are a great addition to the tunic. From the outside of the tunic, there are no liabilities at all, with the tunic and insignia showing some nap wear and signs of use, giving the piece rare personality. Inside it's also in fine condition for a tunic used in the field, and the only postwar addition are the film company stampings. Many collectors consider these markings an asset, as everything taken by Statni Film was original and fresh from the Reich. Due to the marriage of the boards to the tunic, and the fact that the interior of the tunic is film company marked, I am offering this tunic at a discounted price. Still, rest assured that it is correct in every way. Lastly, if you don't want the Panzer boards, I would be happy to remove them and lower the tunic price accordingly. Please contact me for additional information about this possibility. A rare and choice original, which would have been used from the late 1930s through the war!

SS M38 Tunic, Ex Statni Film#1935

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