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The Blood Order was the most coveted decoration awarded during the III. Reich period. Because of the strict, black and white statutes, it would have been 'easier' to be awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross than the Blood Order. Due to the relatively small number awarded, and smaller number still in existence, original Blood Orders have always been rare, but to find one still accompanied by the large and ornate award document is nearly impossible! This is a fine example of the 2nd type Blood Order, awarded to Franz Amberg on 31. March 1941. His award serial number is struck on the reverse of the medallion along with the 800 silver content mark. The obverse features a heroic party eagle carrying a wreath, within which is the date '9. Nov', which was the date of the unsuccessful 'Beer Hall Putsch' in 1923. On the reverse is a rendition of the Feldherrnhalle monument in M√ľnchen, where a number of NSDAP supporters were killed and wounded. The detail, while showing some wear and use, is beautifully done, and can be appreciated even more when examined under magnification. The petitions for the awards were strictly controlled, and administered and granted or denied by 'The office of the decoration of 9. November 1923'! This award is complete with its original wearing ribbon, and the very rare large presentation document, signed by F.X. Schwarz. The oversize document is still housed in its red leather folder with a perfect gold Reichs eagle on the front. Facsimiles of the Blood Order obverse and reverse are embossed on either side of the very decorative presentation document. Also present are the original wearing instructions and envelope to Franz Amberger, advising him how to wear the award, how to wear the ribbon only, and when it may be worn. Lastly, his original oversized award document for the 10 Year Active NSDAP Loyal Service Cross in Bronze is also included, which was awarded to him on 30. January 1940. The Blood Order document shows light foxing and a center crease (I believe the document may have been mailed in advance of the presentation of the leather folder), while the medallion shows light wear and remains of a protective lacquer, which is mostly worn off. Blood Order groupings are far rarer than most Knight's Cross groupings, and so far the market has not yet caught up with them pricewise. This is an exceptional research project and an important award set at a bargain price!
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Blood Order set With Documents#1868

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