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Guenther Borchers joined the LAH as an enlisted men in 1941, served on the prestigious Honor Guard at the Reichskanzlei, became an NCO and fought on the Eastern Front, and took part in the SS victory at Kharkov in 1943. After this, he went to the elite SS Junkerschule at Braunschweig and became an SS Officer. Finally, he served as a Panzer officer in one of Germany’s most elite Panzer Regiments, the LAH and directly under one of its most infamous personalities, Jochen Peiper. Each and every photo is captioned in Borchers own hand. Superb collection of photos of personalities such as Goering, the future 2nd commander of the LAH, Theodor Wisch (Swords winner), plenty of photos from the LAH barracks at Lichterfelde, photos taken at the Reichskanzlei, and more. One very exciting piece in the album is Borchers’s actual cuff-title glued into the album with an explanation of the small hole in the cuff-title, which he says occurred when he was wounded! Additional photos include shots of Hugo Kraas, future commander of the 12th SS HJ Division and Oakleaves holder. There are also photos in the Red Square of Kharkov, renamed "Platz der Leibstandarte". A very famous event, the recapture of Kharkov in March '43 was considered the greatest of all the W-SS victories. There is an entire book called "Platz der Leibstandarte" dedicated to the role the LAH played here There is one photo that actually shows the sign the LAH erected in the square with the name "Platz der Leibstandarte". There are plenty of photos of Borchers time with the Panzer Regiment, including a super shot of him in the cupola of a Panther and a rare one of him wearing an Oakleaf camo Panzer. Wrapper. There are also several photo’s of the famous awards ceremony of the Panzer Regiment in November 1944, including many of Jochen Peiper and Knight’s Cross Holder Werner Wolff. The Soldbuch is the pinnacle for any document collector, worth thousands as a stand-alone piece, and shows him wearing his Panzer wrapper with LAH cyphers. The book is a second issue (Zweitschrift) and was issued to Borchers after his promotion to officer and when he reported to the Pz.Rgt. for the first time in Oct.'44. The Soldbuch is signed in several places by Eric Rumpf, the 9.Kp.Kmdr. and later defendant at the Malmedy Trial. Borchers entire wartime experience is captured in his own words in his diary from 1941-1945. This is a large format book which actually includes many maps used by his company and are marked with troop positions of the LAH, placement of minefields, etc. There are many pages detailing his time with the LAH on the Eastern Front and his time with the Panzer Regiment on the Western Front. I can't stress enough just how rare and important this group is, having been used by several historians (Tiemann, Agte, Westemeier) in the writings of the LAH history. Excerpts from the diary appear in at least two books, and photos from the albums appear in at least 3 more books. Expensive, for sure, but truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a collector or researcher interested in SS Panzer troops and LAH. Please note: this piece is a consignment item.
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LAH, Panzer Officer Photo Album Grouping#1806

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