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The German Army began experimenting with camouflaged helmets during the first World War and found them to be an advantage for the frontlines. Army Command distributed detailed instructions regarding the camo patterns and methods of application to field units. This is a textbook example of the correctly camouflaged steel helmet. The shell is an M16 type with leather liner band and leather suspension flaps that show surface cracking to the leather finish due to age but no damage. The helmet is marked 'Si 68', so is a decent size. This is a helmet that was stored after the war and was never touched since. Interestingly, the ventilation holes are still plugged with paper or dirt, which was done during the colder months by the soldiers! The helmet has a spotty rust patina, with many freckles but only a few larger spots on the underside. The rust is mainly light and on the surface, so I would say it could be treated. Except for the freckling, this is a beautiful nearly unhandled piece, and looks much like it did the day it was taken from the front! An unquestionable and choice example!
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WWI German M16 Camouflaged Helmet#1776

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