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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Readily identifiable by the coat of arms from this region, composed of a heraldic shield flanked by a stag and a lion. This private purchase quality helmet is in pristine condition, and is one of the finest pickelhaube I have seen. Front plate is pristine, and is heavily gilted. Spike is tall and pointed, and mounted on a finely pearled base with two vent holes. Base sits atop cross-spiked base with star-form retaining bolts. Visor is the dragoon type, which is indicated by the square front. Leather body is nearly flawless, with only the faintest crazing on a couple of spots and no damage. Interior is in stunning condition, and only shows minor soiling from wear. There are some faint markings on the yellow ribbed-silk lining, which I cannot read. The left cockade is, in accordance with tradition, painted in the colors of Württemberg's flag and retains 100% of the original paint. Overall, a stunning helmet that has survived the ravages of time in a time-bubble.
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Imperial Pickelhaube, Württemberg Officer#1760

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